Coilover Services / Parts

Coilover Rebuilds

When should I service my Feal coilovers? We recommend servicing coilovers every 50,000 miles in most cases. For race track use, our recommended service interval is much tighter.

Why should I service my coilovers? High performance coilovers operate with higher internal pressure, produce higher compression and rebound forces, are designed with tighter tolerances, and have more moving parts compared to OEM shocks.

What about race cars? We prefer to service the coilovers every race season on our own Feal Suspension competitive race cars. In most cases there is nothing worn out, but it gives peace of mind that after a season of jumping over rumble strips or unintentionally heading off track nothing wore out of spec. Even if you have smooth seasons without any incidents, consider servicing the coilovers every 1,000 miles on a purpose-built race car.

*Current turnaround time is about 2-4 weeks – see shipping instructions here*

*Expedited turnaround time for Feal products is 1-3 business days, 50% extra charge see shipping instructions here*

FEAL 441 (including, Max Travel, Drift, Drag and Road Race spec) - $225 per corner

Service description:

  • Disassembly, solvent clean, and inspection of all hardware and parts
  • Assembly of brand new cartridges to spec
  • Installation of cleaned and inspected hardware onto new cartridges

FEAL Fixed Perch Struts, 441.5, 442, and 443 - $300 per corner

Service description:

  • Disassembly, solvent clean, and inspection of all hardware and parts
  • Polish nicks out of shock shafts
  • Replacement of internal wear items and oil seals.
  • High performance shock fluid
  • Nitrogen charge

FEAL 460/451 coilovers are no longer serviceable

Coilover Revalve:

Alter/improve damping performance, add $80 to rebuild per shock

  • Rebuild
  • Evaluate current damper performance
  • Modify comp. and or rebound shim stack
  • If needed, modify piston, damping adjuster valve, and bleed holes
  • Test results

Upgrade Services:

Swift Spring Upgrade:

$170 per pair             See Spring Info Here


  • Made in Japan
  • More travel than any spring
  • Lightest steel springs on the market
  • All rates, lengths, and diameters
  • Huge ride quality improvement over most springs

Shock Dyno Service

Shock dyno test - $55 per corner

Shock dyno test at multiple adjuster settings - $75 per corner

  • Intercomp 3HP variable speed shock dynometer
  • Force available in lbs or kgs
  • Graphical representation available electronically and in print